The latest software technology at the chromatographist’s service

EXACHROM combines the simplicity of an integrator and the power of a Windows based software at the forefront of technology. Its Microsoft OfficeTM look and feel interface provides a familiar environment for any user. Thanks to the  ExaChromBar, you have direct access to the essential commands. Wizards, ultra fast browsing , graphic integration,  contextual menus and help, the customised screen environment, ... Everything in EXACHROM has been done to make the chromatographist’s life easier.

The universal solution

EXACHROM has been designed to fit the requirements of your chromatograhy laboratory. EXACHROM can acquire and process your chromatograms whatever the separation technique used (HPLC, GC, IC, CE), the instrument manufacturer or the operating system (Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, Me or XP). The set-up of a new instrument is performed via the wizard which guides you step by step. It is as simple as installing a new printer on your PC.

Choosing your acquisition interface

EXACHROM proposes two powerful acquisition interfaces : the PCI internal board or the ExaChrom ULYS USB external device. Both interfaces include 24-bit A/D converters and offer exceptional linearity, accuracy and noise characteristics.  Based on the ultimate technology, the ExaChrom ULYS USB device concentrates all its features in an amazingly small box. It allows you to use EXACHROM on a laptop computer and turn it into a dedicated data system for on-site analysis.

Plug and acquire !

From start-up only a single keystroke is needed to start one chromatogram acquisition. No need to prepare tedious method before. At any time, EXACHROM is ready to acquire your data even if you are using another application or if you are reprocessing a batch of analysis. You work in a quality control lab using autosamplers ? Nothing is more simple with the injections sequence. It allows to generate sequences very quickly thanks to its spreadsheet utilities, to automatically acquire and process hundreds of analysis. Each analysis can use specific parameters for acquisition, integration or calibration.  And thanks to the Summary report you will be able to print and to export the complete results for all the injected samples at the end of the sequence execution.

Manipulate your chromatograms as you have never done before

Thanks to its unsurpassed graphic interface, EXACHROM allows you to manipulate your chromatograms like any other software can. You want to move it or compress it ? It is easy with the mouse-wheel. You want to overlay another chromatogram ? Drag and drop the corresponding file into the work space. You want to display the peak widths ? Just click on the right mouse button to select the display options.

Graphic integration

The integration algorithm of EXACHROM allows you to detect the peaks perfectly  whatever their shape or size and to accurately set the baseline. But the key point is that the setting of the parameters is done graphically. You just need to select a portion of the baseline and the smallest peak you want to detect with the mouse. It is child play !

With EXACHROM, you can also  add integration timed events which allows a precise integration when the peaks shape may vary during the analysis. Similarly, the operation is very intuitive via the mouse and due to the EXACHROM video wizard which describes the effect of each integration event.

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