The ECS series of NMR spectrometers is designed for any laboratory needing an easy-to-use, reliable, routine NMR system for synthetic molecular characterization and mixture analysis. The ECS NMR series is available in 300 and 400 MHz models. The console is designed around a modular, digital NMR electronics chassis controlled by an intelligent acquisition computer. For unprecedented flexibility, the JEOL NMR system offers a Windows XP™ and Mac OSX™. Both the workstation and spectrometer may be connected to a standard network, allowing seamless remote operation anywhere in the world.


Features of JNM-ECS400

1. Compact spectrometer
The JNM-ECS is a compact NMR system having the same 2 channel liquid analysis capabilities as the JNM-ECA. The footprint is reduced to a half of the conventional system. The ECS400, combined with a shielded superconducting magnet featuring minimum magnetic stray field, can be configured in a number of different laboratory layouts.


2. Advanced architecture proven in JNM-ECA series
The JNM-ECS spectrometer maintains the multi sequencer system used in the JNM-ECA and ECX series with a pulsed field gradient power supply as a standard. The programmable sequencer integrated in each channel controls all channels whether or not pulses are synchronous. This enables trouble free operation of all pulse programs used for routine analysis as well as editing and execution of longer, more complicated pulse programs.


3. Stable, high sensitivity digital spectrometer
The JNM-ECS spectrometer, composed of fully digitized circuitry including RF generator, NMR lock, and digital matrix shim, keeps high stability needed to acquire high quality spectral data. The stable spectrometer is especially effective in solvent suppression and difference spectrum acquisition. Like the JNM-ECA and ECX series, the JNM-ECS acquires high quality NMR spectra for various applications.


4. High sensitivity autotune probe
The JNM-ECS has achieved the highest 1H and 13C sensitivity available in a room temperature 5mm gradient probe thus enabling rapid analysis with ease of operation. Increased probe sensitivity is an answer to the NMR applications that require increasingly rapid data acquisition. The standard ECS gradient probe can be equipped with fully computer controlled automatic tuning and matching for the ultimate performance and ease of operation.


5. Advanced software and automation
The JNM-ECS uses the Delta software, proven in the JNM-ECA and ECX series, for spectrometer control and data processing. Combining Delta’s automation interface and the standard integrated gradient shimming, the system can be activated with a single click of a button, acquiring data at the optimum resolution. Use of the auto sample changer and auto tuning can automate the entire process of routine analysis.


6. Network spectrometer
The JNM-ECS spectrometer makes full use of networking just like the JNM-ECA and ECX series. The spectrometer, in operation independently from the host computer, can be controlled from any authorized computer on the network.

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