OSIRIS speeds up the development of your HPLC separations in isocratic mode as well as for gradient operation. Usually, the set-up of a complete method requires time-consuming analysis in your laboratory before obtaining a satisfactory result. With a minimum of experimentation OSIRIS is able to model retention behaviour of compounds and then to offer computer predictions of various chromatograms for different analytical conditions. Using this predictive modelling, a wide range of conditions can be simulated in only few minutes.


The Wizard guides you during the development of the method :  


The chromatographic behavior of the solutes is modelled as a function of the elution conditions. This model is obtained from the results and the chromatographic data of a few preliminary runs. OSIRIS guides the user by proposing conditions for these preliminary runs. The number of runs and the conditions depends on the type of optimization process :


  • Mobile phase composition (isocratic, binary, ternary or quaternary, linear and multi-step gradient)
  • pH
  • Temperature
  • Mobile phase/pH.
  • Mobile phase/Temperature

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