Deans Switch

Deans Switch

Highly efficient and reliable micro fluidic platform to improve GC connectivity.It opened up many GC capillary configurations with more reliable solutions from a simple column-to column connection to multidimensional applications.

  • designed for multidimensional analyses features 
  • SilFlow system can be operated at pressures greater than 25,000 psi
  • No auxiliary make-up-gas is required
  • Alleviates cold spots and sample condensation
  • No practical temperature limit for the device; limit is the GC column's own
  • Silflow™ Technology is an innovation in design and fabrication resulting in a highly efficient and reliable micro fluidic platform that improves GC connectivity to enable maximum chromatography performance
  • State-of-the-art, inert, low dead volume connection, provides robust technology for any existing Thermo GC or GC/MS without compromising on recovery and peaks resolution
  • High inertness of deactivated stainless steel channels enabled by SGE’s expertise in surface chemistry

Applications are for example:

  • Pesticides or pollutants in water or soil
  • Blood Alcohol analysis with headspace injection

  • The Deans Switch Calculator provides an easy setting of the parameters through the synoptic dialog window
  • A Wizard is available to guide the user during the method set up



Ordering number 19005580 for Trace13xx GC & GCMS 

(includes the Auxiliary Carrier Gas Module, the Microfluidic Device, the Deans Switch Calculator SW and the installation manual) 


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