Consumables and Accessories

Chemical resistant consumables and accessories, making your daily work easier. This way, Safety Caps can easily be customized for any application in your laboratory, plant stations or repositories.


Consumables: Fittings

Connect any size of tubing to SCAT Safety Caps! Find the optimum solution for your application with our wide range of fittings and connectors.

Consumables: PTFE

Working safetly with aggressive solvents is no problem with SCAT PTFE products. Each product can be combined with Safety Caps to ensure easy liquid handling.

Consumables: PTFE Plugs

If any ports of your Safety Caps are temporarily not in use, you can tighten them with PTFE plugs to ensure leak tightness.

Consumables: Collectors and Manifolds

Multicomponent systems ? Not a problem either - dispense or collect liquids in multiple ways.

Consumables: Connectors for any tubing size

Connectors for different types of plastic tubing, e.g. silicone or Polypropylene. Available even for large diameters.

Consumables: Safety Containers

Store sensitive or hazardous liquids safely - with the right containers . Together with SCAT Safety Caps, they provide an optimum solution for safe liquid handling.

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