Compact GC
Compact GC
Compact GC

The 19“ CompactGC™ represents a new concept for fast gas analysis in seconds.

The GC has 3 independent analysis channels for maximal effi ciency. Since proven GC technology is used like Valco® valves, standard GC detectors and capillary columns, the instrument is robust, flexible and reliable.

Fast Analysis
Fast Analysis

Fast analysis
The use of capillary columns for gas analysis reduces the analysis time enormously; the typical runtime is 2-120 seconds. The cycle time is equal to the runtime because no additional fl ush or conditioning steps are necessary.

Example of a 2 channel CompactGC™         (FID and TCD detection)
2 channel CompactGC™ (FID and TCD detection)

The modular concept of the CompactGC™ offers 3 independent analysis channels.The instrument has a very transparent ‘injector-column-detector’ confi guration with optimal GC parameter settings for each channel.Several detectors for best linearity,sensitivity and selectivity are available.

FID, TCD, PID, PDD and PFPD are covering a broad range of components and concentration levels.

The instrument can also be coupled to Mass Spectrometers. All GC parameters are programmable during the analysis using the ‘run-time-table’. Maximum flexibility is offered in this way, like multiple injections during one analysis run, or sample conditioning during the preceding run.
Due to the widely accepted 19” industrial standard, the Compact-GC™ can be installed in an existing 19” instrument rack configuration.

Easy column exchange
Easy column exchange

Easy column replacement

The user can install standard
available columns:

  • capillary narrow bore columns
  • wide-bore columns
  • (micro) packed columns
  • Finger-tight couplings are used for easy column installation.

Reliable, rigid and cost-effective
The CompactGC™ uses proven GC technology like:

  • Valco® valves
  • standard GC detectors
  • standard available columns
  • highly reliable digital gas supply.

This results in:

  • low operational costs
  • extremely accurate and stable results


The system is very inert due to the use of Sulfi nert ® and Silcosteel®
surface inactivation. Important when polar components are analysed.

CompactGC™ with TD option (schematic diagram)
CompactGC™ with TD option (schematic diagram)

PPB to % -concentration levels are analysed by sample-loop injection. With the Thermal Desorption Module, ppt ‘s are detected. The Peltier cooled micro trap is loaded with sample using a Mass Flow Controller, resulting in high accurate results. The trap is loaded during the preceding analysis, and the heating of the trap (injection) takes only a couple of seconds.

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