A Complete Network Solution for Acquiring, Analyzing and Managing Chromatography Data

Thermo Scientific’s ChromQuest is a powerful and flexible Chromatography Data System (CDS) for HPLC and GC instruments.   With complete integrated instrument control for LC and GC instruments, ChromQuest provides an impressive range of comprehensive CDS features to accommodate any chromatography operation.   With an incredibly thorough software feature set, ChromQuest is a powerful CDS that can fully meet your current and future laboratory needs.

Product Detail 


COMPLETE INSTRUMENT CONTROL: ChromQuest fully controls all Thermo Scientific LC and GCs so that the same software can be used for all instruments, including the TriPlusTM Autosampler and Photo-Diode Array (PDA) detectors.   In addition, ChromQuest easily works with instruments from different vendors.
SCALABLE:  ChromQuest can be deployed in a variety of flexible configurations from single user / single instrument workstation to multi-user / networked instruments.

SPECIAL AUTOMATION FEATURES:  Maximize lab productivity through ChromQuest’s built-in automation features.   The unique “SmartSequence” can setup conditional actions in a sequence prior to injections so that in the event unexpected events occur in a sample (System Suitability failure) ChromQuest will automate special actions (trigger a notification, abort, run a shutdown, re-calibrate, etc.).   Standard data import/export features provide bi-directional communications to other applications like LIMS quickly and easily.   There’s even a special noise monitoring feature that allows ChromQuest to monitor the baseline of the system so that injections won’t start until the system has reached a pre-determined baseline noise.

OUTSTANDING GLP/GMP Features:  ChromQuest’s standard software features fully address the special needs of regulated labs.  Built in audit trails thoroughly record all changes to methods, sequences and data re-analyses on a project by project basis.   User security controls can be conveniently established for multiple users conforming completely to 21CFR Part 11 guidelines.     An embedded copy of the specific method conditions is carefully recorded with each result to provide unambiguous traceability between reported result and method settings no matter how many interim re-analyses has occurred.  Electronic signatures and signoffs in accordance with 21CFR Part 11 are available as well.


COMPREHENSIVE DATA ANALYSIS AND REPORTING: ChromQuest provides data analysis features to handle all types of chromatography analyses and produce a variety of standard and customized reports, including single injection and batch reporting.   Custom parameters let you create specific calculations and incorporate them into ChromQuest displays and reports.   User programs can be executed flexibly and easily before data acquisition, before data analysis, after data analysis or even after data export.


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