ChromNAV Chromatography Data System

ChromNAV is the JASCO’s first In-house developed chromatography data software package. ChromNAV controls JASCO X-LCTM, LC-2000, LC-1500, and most LC-900 HPLC modules. Data acquisition is possible at sampling rates of 100Hz and is compatible with X-LC ’s ultra-fast response detectors.

  • Controls JASCO X-LC Series, LC-2000 Series,LC-1500 Series, and more
  • Controls up to four systems simultaneously
  • Acquires data at a sampling rate of 100 Hz and is compatible with X-LC detectors.
  • ChromNAV CFR is available for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

System Control and Data Acquisition

ChromNAV can control up to four systems simultaneously. LC-NetII/ADC is used as the hardware interface between the PC and the system. Up to four channels of analog data can be acquired by each LC-NetII/ADC.

Powerful Data Analysis Functions

ChromNAV includes all standard chromatography calculations, such as reliable peak integration and identification, powerful and easy quantification, quick user-defined reporting, and versatile data conversion for data export. Peak calculation results can be sent to MS Excel™ automatically. In addition to the powerful capabilities of the automatic peak processing, ChromNAV offers easy baseline manipulation facilitates and manual peak processing. For a specific component, a single calibration curve can be created with the data of the preferred channel or multiple calibration curves can be created with data from different channels. The multiple chromatogram display modes make it easy to visually compare chromatograms from different detectors or different acquisition tasks.


PDA data analysis is a standard feature of ChromNAV. Some useful tools for manipulating spectra, such as peak purity calculation, spectrum search, etc., are fully supported and installed as part of ChromNAV’s standard software package. ChromNAV calculates peak purity by  comparing the spectrum within the peak. The purity distribution map for each peak is available and can be displayed graphically.


JASCO Spectra Manager, a powerful cross-platform software package, is included to perform on-the-fly spectral scanning and advanced spectral analysis with UV, Diode-Array, FP and CD detector’s data. The optional GPC package allows molecular weight distribution calculations. Molecular weight distribution is displayed together with calculation results and the chromatogram.

21 CFR Part 11 capability

ChromNAV CFR is available for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. User privileges are set by four different security levels. Three types of electronic signatures (Created, Reviewed, and Approved) are available. Customer cannot modify any Approved data and methods. Audit trail function records and archives all operations and file modifications.

Automatic system diagnostics

The ChromNAV automatically diagnoses the systems. Diagnostic results are saved together with measured chromatograms.


JASCO ChromNav is Windows Vista® compatible but also works on 32-bit Windows XP Professional®.