Centri The ultimate automated multi-mode extraction and enrichment platform for GC–MS


Benefits of Centri

  • Performance: Improved chromatographic resolution, higher sensitivity and more compounds detected using preconcentration and multi-step enrichment (MSE).

  • Automation: Completely automated workflow (including sorptive extraction) using gold standard robotics enabling both high performance and productivity.

  • Flexibility: Fully modular sampling and automation options with full upgrade pathway, allowing labs to react to changing business demands.



  • HiSorb™ high-capacity sorptive extraction – Robust, fully automated probe-based immersive or headspace sampling from liquids and solids.
  • SPME and SPME–trap – Fast and sensitive sample extraction, with a range of fibre types offering analyte selectivity.
  • Headspace and Headspace–trap – Versatile sampling from solids and liquids contained in regular headspace vials.
  • Thermal desorption – Using industry-standard tubes to analyse VOCs and SVOCs in air, or released from materials.

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