The JEOL ECA and ECX NMR spectrometers now support the MRM/Protasis CapNMR™ Probe for wellplate-based and microvial-based NMR analysis.


The CapNMR probe is available at proton frequencies ranging from 300 MHz to 800 MHz in both indirect configurations (e.g. 1H{13C} and 1H {31P}) and also in triple resonance configurations (e.g. 1H{13C, 15N}, 1H{31P, 15N}). Both employ a high-strength z-directed field gradient. The flowprobes come with the choice of two flowcell volumes: a 5 µl flowcell with an NMR active volume of 2.5 µl, and a 10 µl flowcell with an NMR active volume of 5 µl. The fluidic connections are 75 µm i.d. and 1/32" o.d. FEP Teflon with hastaloy unions for exceptional solvent compatibility.


The Protasis' web-based One-Minute NMR (OMNMR) system employs the CTC Analytics/Leap Technologies liquid handler to enable NMR analysis directly from wellplates and microvials, eliminating the need to transfer to NMR tubes.

"The CapNMR™ microflow probe utilizes a unique, patented NMR flowcell that provides excellent spectral resolution. The solenoid coil architecture provides high sensitivity, exceptionally clean baselines and short pulsewidths with only a few watts of transmit power, enabling a new category of broadband experiments." (excerpt from Protasis literature)


The CapNMR probe and OMNMR system are being successfully employed in application areas that include medicinal chemistry, natural products analysis, and metabonomics.

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