Shaping the future of GC–MS with BenchTOF-Select

One of the world’s leading time-of-flight mass spectrometers for GC and GC×GC.


Exceptional performance: All the fundamental advantages of BenchTOF-HD – sensitivity, spectral quality, stability, speed and sub-amu selectivity – supported by the power of TOF-DS software and revolutionary Select-eV variable-energy ionisation technology.


Select-eV unlocks the most challenging applications


  • Increases the absolute intensity of molecular ions.
  • Collects confirmatory low-energy spectra with structurally significant fragmentation.
  • Extends the dynamic range and limits of detection.
  • Distinguishes between compounds with identical 70 eV spectra.



Unparalleled productivity


  • Fast analysis, fast method development, minimal down-time and reduced sample preparation.
  • Real-time access to results and innovative data-mining features such as dynamic background compensation (DBC), deconvolution and ChromCompare data comparison.
  • Exceptional stability eliminates unscheduled maintenance, even when using soft ionisation.



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