Amino Acid Analyzer




The amino acid analyser ARACUS based on a modular concept is the ideal instrument for the analysis of amino acids in research, quality control and in the clinical laboratory.


It combines innovative technologies with the classic routine analysis of amino acids by post-column derivatisation with ninhydrin.


In day-to-day use this produces results with the highest precision, reproducibility and accuracy.


The set-up of the instrument allows the continuous analysis of 96 samples (2 x48 vials). The samples are stored in the cooled autosampler and are injected without sample loss.


A washing routine of the injection valve and syringe pump guarantees zero cross-contamination. The ARACUS instrument is also available with a manual injection system.


The eluent rack contains 6 glass bottles. The fluid volume of each bottle is actively monitored during operation. Eluents, ninhydrin and washing reagent are selectively chosen through buffer selection valves and degassed in micro-vacuum chambers.


The innovative technology of the pump allows the simultaneous operation of two fluid lines (eluent side and reagent side), which guarantees constant mixing.


The maintenance-free LED photometers detect the separated amino acids at 570 nm and 440 nm and the signals are registered by the software aminoPeak.


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