The Jeol “JMS-T200GC “AccuTOF GCx”is the 4th generation of the JEOL GC-High Resolution TOFMS to combine fast data acquisition speeds with high resolution/exact mass measurements and a high dynamic range for both qualitative and quantitative analysis.


With the AccuTOF GC, there is no tradeoff between speed and resolution. The AccuTOF GC combines high-speed acquisition with high-resolution -- plus it provides the highest linear dynamic range for analysis of both low and high concentrations.


Main Features

  • Always provides high resolution
  • Easy exact mass measurements for determining elemental compositions
  • Fast data accquisition – 50Hz (0.02sec/spectra)
  • Wide dynamic range for GC/MS applications
  • High sensitivity with full-range detection
  • Optional CI Ion source
  • Optional DEP/DIP probes
  • Optional FD/FI Ion source

Multiple Ionization Methods

The AccuTOF™ GCx is designed for optimum throughput, operation, and uptime. An optional combination EI/FI/FD ion source eliminates the need for source exchange for these experiments. Gas chromatography/field ionization can also be used to characterize difficult samples.



Electron Impact (EI)


Chemical Ionization (CI)

Field Desorption (FD)

Field Ionization (FI)

Combination EI/FI/FD

Direct Probe (exposure and insertion)

Liquid Injection

Field Desorption Ionization (LIFDI)


AccuTOF™ GCx - What's new?

  • Mass accuracy of ≤ 1.5 mDa or 4 ppm (RMS)
  • Mass resolution ≥ 10'000 (m/z 617)
  • Signal-to-Noise ≥ 300 (1 pg OFN)
  • Fast data recording speed with up to 0.02sec/spectra (50Hz)
  • Mass range m/z from 4 to 6000
  • Dynamic range: ≤ 4 order
  • Ionization mode EI, optional CI, FD, FI, DEI (+/-), DCI (+/-)
  • Sample inlets via GC, DEP, DIP, FD probe, LIFDI probe