Scientific Analytical Solutions

Founded in 1970, Brechbühler AG started out as a very successful distributor for two companies with an outstanding reputation for innovation in the field of chromatography: Carlo Erba Strumentazione and Waters. Since then, we have concentrated on analytical chemistry, specialising in separation techniques such as HPLC and GC.

Fruitful collaboration with a number of outstanding scientists has led to the development of new concepts and instruments in the field of modern gas chromatography.
The Company Backed by a wealth of expertise and with exciting visions for the future, Brechbühler AG continues its original traditions, focussing on chromatography, mass spectrometry and sample handling. We remain firmly committed to fulfilling and anticipating changing analytical needs.
Apart from distributing products in Switzerland we are also developing and producing new peripheral niche products.

As an independent distributor of scientific equipment, we do more than just offer a complete range of instruments, accessories and disposables
Our customer support is based on the experience and know-how of a fully committed team. Customers rely on our comprehensive service including user training; seminars and workshops; application, maintanance and validation support. We are realising our vision to become Switzerland's leading distributor of analytical equipment in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. These goals are being achieved trough,


  • a clearly foccused product range
  • attentive and skilled technical support
  • comprehensive customer support

Our Partners

Successful customers


Over the years, Brechbühler AG has built up a firm relationship with a large

number of analytical laboratories troughout Switzerland. These include state institutions that play a significant role in developing and implementing new analytical techniques. Laboratory professionals in every major company benefit from products or services supplied by our specialists.


Innovative suppliers


Brechbühler has always worked towards enduring partnership with instrument manufacturers and with suppliers of accessories and consumables. We remain firmly convinced that only a long-term commitment based on reciprocal confidence and open communication can provide the basis for lasting success that will benefit all parties involved: customers, manufacturers, sales people and support specialists.