The Affordable Masterpiece in usability


AI 1310 Autoinjector

Plug & Inject, 8 position single module sampling system. The right answer for automated analyses of small batches of samples, combines the utmost precision of the automatic sampling with the ease of use of the plug & play concept.

AS 1310 Autosampler

105 position sample tray, integrated control sampling system. The perfect and
irresistible attraction for high sample throughput laboratories, designed for high standard performance with low learning curve.

Introducing the P/S= 1 concept (Performance/Simplicity)

The 3000 series establishes the new P/S=1 paradigm: the case in which simplicity does not have performance and productivity as a trade off!!


The AI/AS 3000 automatic sampling systems do not require any specific expertise from the chemist, leaving him more time for business. Simplicity is now directly proportional to top performance, making the 3000 series a masterpiece in usability.

Combined solvent rinsing
A series of 4 different solvent bottles can be used for appropriate syringe Flushing. Single or combined solvent selection for Pre and Post cleaning allow thorough rinsing even of the most tenacious compounds, thus ensuring zero
cross-contamination. In addition a 40 ml waste bottle ensures long unattended operations.

Removable trays
Both trays (8 and 105 position) can be removed for sample loading or preparation, or to be stored elsewhere, if required. In addition, multiple 8 position trays can be used as sample holders marked accordingly to uniquely identify different batches of samples: just another useful feature for productive labs.


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